Pisces Sister of the Palindrome

by Vietnam Glasses



a few words about these recordings:

David Copeland is one of Rapid City's most gifted songwriters. When I brutishly offered my drumming services to the Pisces' Sister record he gladly accepted. It was a time of rebuilding for him, remnants of the Hottest Makeout Session were dissolving. Early on, David recruited Imaginary Girlfriends' star Luke Mickelson for second guitar, having passed a chemistry and screen test. Shawn 'Puffy' Werner, known from his work in The Shakes and Gentleman Jack was cast as the original bassist. Our rehearsals were sporadic and unorganized, the balance wasn't right for whatever reason. A brief break ensued. A few weeks passed before Copeland and I found ourselves in the basement of the Reddmen World Headquarters, hashing out the new songs. I was very insistent that we rehearse relentlessly. With such little prep time we still needed a key member of the rhythm section, I proposed the idea of Trevor Leo coming into the fold. I think Copeland was a tiny bit hesitant, perhaps foreseeing being typecast as another side project of The Reddmen. Having one Reddmember on board was already overkill, two could possibly overshadow the band's organic growth and beauty. Regardless, Leo was invited to a table read and passed with flying colors. In all fairness, Leo had the same concerns as Copeland, but I maintained it was for one recording and/or until he filled out the permanent lineup. Besides, Dave doesn't like playing live anyway. Excited and enamored we pursued the Pisces' Sister material in the winter of '08.

I've always championed Vietnam Glasses in a similar fashion as my mentors did with their more obscure discoveries: Paul McCartney to Larry Williams, S.O. C. to Supercharger, Guided By Voices to Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments etc. Recently archiving some old eight track reels, I was glad to have revisited the works of one my favorite songwriters. Musically it's clear, there are some nice moments of Superdrag, GBV, early R.E.M. and maybe even a little Big Star. Lyrically, the way Dave draws inspiration is nothing short of genius. From the brilliantly crafted homage to super heroines of the Marvel Girl e.p., to the fictitious theme song of his all girl Monkees prototype sweethearts The Stoned Medusas. The largest achievement a song craftsman can reach is perhaps creating a universe of characters and ideas, Copeland based his on our circle of friends using true blue American power pop as the vehicle. From the girl in 'Jail Tattoo' who really did have a heart tattooed sleeve, to biopic tale of Miyo One Arrow and friends in 'Monarchs of the Marble Club,' or an unsuccessful dance craze entitled 'The Pox.' It's a universe I was happy to have visited.

Over the years, I have covered three standards from Copeland's repertoire, in the same vein that Waylon would cover Willie and vice versa. Our on going friendly song writing competition has yielded some worthy results, he once traded me his song title 'This Year's Mono' for my song title 'Beatles Die Everyday' and as of today, we're not a penny richer, but these songs don't write themselves. Needless to say, he writes the way I'd like to write.

-J. Waylon


released January 22, 2013

Recorded at the Orchid Room by the steady hand of Ol' Cuss
Unmastered and previously unreleased.

Tracks 1-6 from the Marvel Girl e.p.
Tracks 7-19 from the full length Pisces Sister

Horatio Ignacius Valentine: vocals, guitar
Sebastian Valentine: bass
Rex Goliath: drums, vocals, harmonica, casio, guitar
Quentin Sonoma: guitar

Tracks 20-22
David J. Copeland: vocals, guitar
Kristopher R. Schmidt: bass
Joseph C. Barnes: drums
Adam Borcovek: guitar

All songs by David J. Copeland (BMI) Copyright © 2005, 2008, 2010.

Cover art from the public domain.

Thanks: Appleland, B-Side Writer, Basic Truth Overdrive, Betty and Veronica, Bishop, Cigarette Chain on the Northside, Cuss, Dinah, E. Natchios, Emma Frost, The Goalie, Hottest Makeout Session, Imaginary Girlfriends, Jail Tattoo, Jean Grey, Laurie Juspeczyk, Natalia Romanova, Old, Puffy, The Reddmen, The Stoned Medusas, Vietnam Glasses (Derek Lane), The Weather Machines, Westside Taco Johns.



all rights reserved


The Reddmen Rapid City, South Dakota

We Shall Never Sell Our Sacred Black Hills.

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Track Name: Silk Spectre
go on
silk spectre
looking for that girl behind every mask
dress her up in yellow to perform the task
sticks like glue shows through
like light through glass
go on
silk spectre

i've long inquired
how you got your name
stolen from gods
like Prometheus' flame
Virginia slims
into bed pan ashtrays
watch your heels
carve up the red plain

turn early playboy
ninety degrees
that's when i use
soft focus or three
airbrush your hair
fearful symmetry
that's why it's called
spirit photography
Track Name: Ms. Frost
Peeling frost of my glasses
with her tongue
had her in all my classes
she's a diamond because

divide life into seasons
makes the ice a new reason
for driving oh so slow
down on Anamosa
nobody knows you
at all

Me and the boys were talking
and we thought you should know
you're bite is cooler than menthol
can you cause it to snow?

you're the first letter in extinction
you're the last letter I'll write today

it's in your power to do so
let me introduce you
to this hellion
Track Name: Black Canary
cry cry
black canary
with the heels on high
you're devastating
those left in your wake
and they say
how does she get around in those things

fingers met in groups of five
up high school hallway you'd walk by
the whispers in your wake
and they say
youth group girls looking so good today

It's my fault
i never thought
no canary
could be a bird of prey
i know better today
i know better today

widows peak in foreign tongues
arsenic or old lace
you choose one
oracle i pray
and pray
I'll be the arrow in my quiver someday
Track Name: Elektra
will not be caught dead
or wearing red
to her own funeral
oh no

I gave her the letter that I had lacked
two scarlet knives would make me sigh and drop my act
and ask

is the only only one
who could become
the bright morning sun
she stuns

i gave her love and the hand behind
that girl would always throw her thoughts into my mind
to blind
Track Name: Marvel Girl
marvel girl

one shy of seven deadly
revolution around the sin
another summer of red hair
to do me in

take me where the girls smoke
and where the flags are flown
take me there so I
don't have to go alone

paint it blank
the verses only have themselves to thank
red sugar
moving through the veins of that girl

sometimes you cry wolf
other times the wolf cries you
sometimes the void
won't dare stare back at you
Track Name: With Apologies To Betty
Veronica's back
to the sun
finds herself back lit

veronica said
she looks best
when she's a silhouette

she held scarlet curtains
colorblind and quite uncertain
of a martyr's scar
horns of hunger hit so hard

veronica loves
the eraser
to be chased around paper

veronica's lodged
in my mind
where I cannot hide her

she held the scarlet curtains
colorblind and quite uncertain
of a martyrs scar
horns of hunger hit so hard

at me
she wanted the light
to feel her
but she needed a filter

veronica's in the veil
Track Name: Monarchs of the Marble Club
bring on the banshee
call me Comanche
shaft poised for star shot
and always reddhot
heroes of tarnished brass
spare me the headdress
cap gun smoke billows
from my lungs
and hits it's target with

one more time allowed
for box stars and concrete clouds
you will find them waiting
won't you
bring on the banshee?
call me Comanche
we three king monarchs of the marble club
Track Name: Quick City Queen
oh you think you're so cool you're sleeping in snow
I've got several minutes in heaven to show you all that i know
all that i know

won't you be my quick city queen

paint concentric circles all over my chest
sacred heart and over it a bulletproof vest
over my chest

won't you be my quick city queen

we drove around
rolled our eyes at the quick city sound
we drove around
looking for some girl to slow us down
Track Name: Vixen Red Velvet
it's vixen red
vixen red velvet
i'm a pretty shitty sleeper
when you're lying next to me

it's velvet red
velvet red vixen
i'm a pretty shitty liar
i only miss you when i blink

and vixen if you should find yourself
outside my mind
vixen, that's not fine
don't be afraid
to shoot me out of the sky

it's vixen red
vixen red velvet
the girls in moving pictures
got nothing on you

it's velvet red
velvet red vixen
it's pretty shitty corner
to be painted into
Track Name: The Stoned Medusas
they are The Stoned Medusas
the go wild every night
they go as wild as they like
the lines they do are parallel
to the lies they told so very well

like a man with a thousand daughters
they go on with their lives
and do the math as they like
sing a song from Nietze's hymnal
in your notebook draw their symbol

they are The Stoned Medusas
they fight fire with knives
they cause men to end lives
they are The Stoned Medusas
(we are The Stoned Medusas)
Track Name: Jail Tattoo
jail tattoo
of a name you never use
you got to put this whole thing behind you
jail tattoo
it's a name you'll never lose
you got to put this whole thing behind you

my heart is just a scar i wear on my sleeve

jail tattoo
fading into blue
you got to put this whole thing behind you
jail tattoo
lasts longer than a bruise
you got to put this whole thing behind you
Track Name: Cut Me Quick
she's been smoking cowboy killers all day
nothing's going to drive that cowboy away
she's a papercut

born on the day of the dead
that is why her pink eyes see red

cut me quick
cut me when i give the word
cut me quick
cut me before i lose my nerve

her fingerprint on the pariah
knives of midnight love the liar
she's a papercut
Track Name: Beatles Die Everyday
Beatles die everyday she cried

they're moving through me in black and white
she says she don't know what it's like

in the dark she sing songs in the key of red
speak no ill of the misspelled dead

cigarette tips strike me as dead
she is burning a hole in my head

in the light she sees with eye open to me
one eye open to see

never had i hear a needle fall
it was scarlet numbers that i saw
Track Name: Tigress
she said i caught her by the eye
but everybody knows
when you catch a tigress you catch her by the toe

you are either Charlotte always or never
and baby it shows
when you catch a tigress set her skin aglow

oh no
we wince upon a danger vein
oh no
we get skin tight every night these days

she existed with her sister in fiction
and everybody knows
if you have a tigress never let it show

wrote a sequel called it kitten with a whip
it never was a hit
when you catch a tigress sing her echoes
Track Name: The Pox
I called your name in a speaker's hiss
it became electric on my lips

theres a song that the kids dance to
I call it 'the pox' and i named it after you

Move the chords through the coil
they tell me
In you I have found my foil
don't sell me
the pox

I caught your name in a cottonmouth kiss
drew a heart around it- couldn't resist

Here's a thing that makes the kids move
I call it the pox and i guess it will do
Track Name: Unusual Birds
i've been seeing unusual birds lately
too far from the sea
too far from me

i've been speaking in the usual rhymes lately
too far from the truth
to vague to be of use

so let's skip to the part
where our heroine
take a shot in the dark
takes a shot on/at a lark

i've been seeing unusual birds lately
too far from the sky
to far for these eyes

i've been seeing unusual birds lately
too far from the heart
too far from the start
Track Name: Rebel Indian Yellowjacket
she only speaks in vowels
whether she hums or howls
i found out in a song
now i bleed for a blonde
who of us would think
peeled apples of electric ink

rebel indian yellowjacket
i forgive you
oh yeah it's not my place to

she always like the sound
of i'll never slow you down
i found out in a word
heart of a hummingbird
who of us could deny
there's a star in every sky

pisces sister of the palindrome
forever changes you back
pisces sister of the palindrome
you're a vision never a voice
but i forgive you
Track Name: Black Cat Snake
her charcoal outline
thick and fine
knows it takes a neverman
to hold a neverrnind
that was fine
when the nevermind
was never ending

(black cat snake)
moving through the scents of summer
(light my tail)
fill your lungs
(black cat snake)
showing her my favorite color
(black cat snake)
she's drunk on

thoughts are flying up
much like the
burned paper put to blue flame
it's so
good to hear
love's lips
part to form your middle name
Track Name: She Divides By Zero
oh yeah she divides by zero
love is in the vacuum the ashes lie in our ears
night sky falls upon her shoulders
feels right in my left hand
calls my name and sneezes

never heard it said that the light is dead
by the time it reaches a heart
i collapse without
i collapse within
the warmth of a dim star

oh yeah she divides by zero
dying next to someone made me come alive
shadows kissing on the corner
tied up in her tongue
as though i never had one